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Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to get organized! One of the main reasons homes appear so clean is because they have nothing lying around. While this isn’t realistic, having plenty of storage to hide everything you don’t want your friends and family to see is key. We put together a list of different storage options to help get your home more organized:

Media Console

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In the living room the entertainment center holds all of the DVDs, games and anything else that shouldn’t be lying out. Those wooden boxes under the coffee table aren’t just trendy; they are providing storage for more of those unsightly, but necessary living room essentials.  This house looks clean while cozy and lived in. You could even get baskets for under the coffee table to hide toys, extra pillows, etc.

Under the Stairs

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Utilizing the space under the stairs can be a great storage solution. You can either build drawers like above or if you don’t want to take on that big of a task, you can hang hooks for each family member with a basket on the ground so everyone can keep their stuff in one place.

In the Bathroom

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Now this should come standard in every girl’s home! This is the perfect way to organize all of your daily needs and finally a way to keep track of your million bobby pins that are hiding in your carpet, cars, nightstand, and everywhere.


Buckets of Storage

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Having buckets with labels is the perfect way to teach your kids (or husband) how to properly put their belongings in the correct place. There’s simply no question about where it goes: read the labels, youngins! This storage solution can work in virtually any room too.


storage 5

The basket pictured is Whitney’s and is a stylish way to hold those throw blankets and pillows that you want to show off, and get this, it only cost $15 from TJMaxx!



If you need help getting organized, call Whitney and John Spinks at 27 South Home Group today!


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