Once You Go Black…

Black Nursery Design Jacksonville Florida

Remember in middle school when wearing all black made you weird? Now wearing all black instantly makes you chic and sophisticated. The same goes with interior design.

Black can be thought of as a depressing color, but when done right it can actually be used in a sophisticated and dramatic way to create a space that makes your guest say “wow!”

Black is back, baby and we are lovin’ it!

Check out these six stunning interiors that incorporate the fierce color:

1. Nursery

Black is not usually the first choice when choosing a color for a nursery, but this inspiration might change your mind. This black wall is the perfect accent for a chic girl’s nursery. It looks great with pops of color and gold and the big watercolor print pulls all of the colors in the room together perfectly. This room will easily transition into a “big girl” room, which means you wouldn’t have to repaint or redecorate for years. Not only is this aesthetically appealing to adults eyes, but babies respond best to bold and contrasting colors, too.


2. Ceilings to the Floor

Remember that painting your ceiling dark can make the room feel small, but in this case the ceilings are taller than average and this bathroom space is large. I love how they took the black from the ceiling onto the wall about 3 feet and met the white rectangle tiles. The contrasting colors worked well without making the room feel small or dated.710e62a65a950fb19d6cb7f47989e453Source

3. Molding

Blair Harris takes risks with her designs, and we like it! Painting the trim of windows black highlight’s the windows large size, while making the room feel elegant.


4. Bedroom

Such a simple, yet cozy master bedroom retreat. The black wall is the right amount of bold next to the painted brick wall and wood ceiling. Neutrals have never looked so good!


5. Kitchen

Choosing black for the bottom cabinets only and open shelving for the upper cabinets is the perfect balance of dark and light. Having a window that lets in plenty of natural light will also make the dark black cabinets, suddenly feel brighter. Brass hardware (or gold) looks great against black cabinetry, too. Dana, blogger of House Tweaking, has black design elements everywhere in her house and executes it perfectly. Click here to see more of her beautiful home.


6. Doors

If you love the black trend but are intimidated by painting something as big as a wall or the permanency of cabinets, how about painting a door? These black doors took this white hallway from simple to dramatic and contrasting. A door is a small space but can make a huge, and beautiful, difference in the home!


Love the look of black but not sure where to start? Call 27 South Home Design today for a consultation with Whitney and John Spinks!

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