Mixing the Old with the New in the Bathroom

claw foot tub

Bringing old pieces into a new bathroom remodel is a trend we love! Having everything new in your bathroom can feel sterile but when you add vintage pieces it adds loads of character and creates conversational pieces. We have noticed, especially living in Jacksonville that people want updated bathrooms but still want the charm and character of the house. Mixing old pieces in a remodeled bathroom is an easy way to achieve that look. Here are some of our favorite ways to add old and new into a bathroom renovation:

Old Plumbing fixtures

Antique bathroom fixtures can cost a pretty penny, but the look is worth the money. If you don’t care if it’s truly an authentic antique fixture, then you can go the replica route and save some dolla dolla bills, y’all. Adding vintage fixtures can give your hundred-year-home life again, without losing its original character or add character to your freshly built home. Either way, it looks great.

plumbing fixturesSource

Barn lights

Barn lights aren’t just for the cows and chickens anymore – look at how great they look in a bathroom! Not only are they an easy way to add character and charm into a bathroom but they can be cheap, too! I found similar lights than what is pictured below from Lowes, and get this, they only cost $29.98 each! You can also spray paint them a fun color if you’re going for a more modern look.

barn light lowesSource

Dresser into vanity

Dressers were originally designed to store clothing in the bedroom but are now adding charm in the bathroom. The best part is you probably have one lying around your house that you could use to save moola. Add some paint to that baby and viola it’s now a beautiful bathroom dresser or vanity! A little tip: while I wouldn’t use the same hardware that is in the bathroom, I’d try to match the basic style and finish of the rest of the furniture to make it feel more cohesive.



Clawfoot tubs

Guess who’s back? Clawfoot tubs are and we’re digging it. What girl hasn’t dreamed of sitting in a tub reading a book under a chandelier? Clawfoot tubs are timeless, classic and can be a beautiful centerpiece for a bathroom. Times have changed and these tubs have, too. You now have the option for rounded or oval shape and can get a higher back. If you’re not a traditional white clawfoot tub lover, you can add some fun with color to your tub!

claw foot tub


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