I have a crush on metal…

…I like them all.  GOLD. silver. gunmetal. bronze. rose gold. copper. galvanized steel.  Gimme!

Incorporating different metals (and textures, for that matter) into your home is easier than you may think!

1.  Flatware!  One could argue that I’m obsessed with rose gold (my wedding ring is rose), but seriously, who says your flatware has to be silver stainless steel?  I love gold and rose gold flatware; it makes you feel a little bit fancy when using it. ;)  I snagged these at Target on clearance for…..wait for it… $4.90 a set!  Granted, it’s only a 3 piece set, but it was so cute, I couldn’t resist and bought out the entire remains of this glorious clearance rack.   The cool thing is you don’t have to wait for big events to use them-

Source: gretabean.com

Source: gretabean.com

…this gold flatware set takes a simple place setting from good to great!  Speaking of your kitchen…

2 …mix up those metals!  Your chandelier over your dining table can be one tone, while your cabinet hardware another.  But they key here is this:  Let the metals be the star.  If you have a busy granite countertop and a backsplash that has various tones, mixing metals may over-complicate things!

3.  Faux Taxidermy.   Sounds kind of weird, right?   It’s actually really chic, and creating 3D wall art adds a ton of interest.  The texture in the brick, chairs, and antlers in the above photo draws you in and makes you ask questions.  I love when a room does this!  One of our favorite places to shop for faux taxidermy isWallcharmers.  I’m a sucker for the moose and the elephant.

4.  Accessories.  Just like how you blend your jewelry, treat home decor the same way.  There are endless options when it comes to mixing metals in your home.  The photo above is a perfect depiction of how to blend metals and other textures, like wood.  But let’s be honest, you aren’t going to put an end table on top of a cool metal chair, and call it a day.  It makes for a gorgeous photo, but it’s not functional in real life.  So here is an example of a version that would be easy to replicate in your home:


Source: unknown :(

This table is from Target; I have the same one and love it!  Notice how the table and chair have similar colors– gold and cream. The silver pouf ties in with the silver floor lamp.  And the jute rug and throw blanket on the chair bring in that natural organic feel.  Love this space!

Now go have some fun and MIX it up, friends!!


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